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Servicing all of the NE Valley Area

Management Masters, Inc. provides full-service property management for single family houses, townhouses, and condos. Affordable monthly fees without large up-front and many m,iscellaneous charges permit an individual investor to have top quality management at an affordable price.

What we do as your NE Valley rental property manager:

  • Showing the property to prospects
  • Careful tenant screening
  • Setting up the marketing and advertising for vacant units
  • Negotiating comprehensive leases
  • Supervising needed maintenance
  • Preparing units between residents
  • Collecting rent
  • Paying bills
  • Collecting the required Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) on rents
  • Preparing the TPT tax return, and transmitting with the tax payment to the State DOR
  • Completing detailed written inspection forms and videos prior to move-ins
  • Sending computerized monthly statement to owners with receipts and proceeds
  • Updating owners on new laws
  • Preparing year-end IRS Form 1099 and income/expense summary and sending to owners
  • Maintaining trust accounts for tenant security deposits
  • Doing move-in and move-out inspections and security deposit refunds
  • Handling the "middle of the night" emergency calls (24 hour access)
  • Serve as a registered agent for out-of-state owners for no additional fee

We Will Look After Your Vacant Property

Management Masters, Inc. also provides a weekly vacant inspection service for property owners who do not want to rent out their home. We look after the property while the owner is not in residence. What we do for your peace of mind while away from your owner-occupied part-time home is our primary goal.

Management Masters, Inc. Services Include:

  • Pick up accumulated newspapers, junk mail and flyers
  • Check water faucets and hoses for leaks
  • Check for roof leaks, tree problems and broken windows after storms
  • Supervise regular maintenance, such as pool and yard services
  • Check air conditioner and/or heater
  • Check door locks
  • Water plants
  • Run appliances to keep them lubricated and seals flexible
  • Flush toilets and run faucets so drains do not dry out and smell
  • Inform you of anything that needs immediate attention

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Why Use a Professional Property Manager?

  • Professional property managers are committed to maximizing the benefits of your investment through efficient management of your property; thus freeing you from management problems while providing the most professional real estate services.
  • Professional property managers are dedicated to keeping your investment in good repair while minimizing costs, and leasing it at fair market rates while carefully screening and selecting residents.
  • Professional property managers invest time and energy in learning, keeping up with the constant changes in local, state and Federal laws, and tax policy.
  • Professional property managers subscribe and agree to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Whether contracted to manage the investment of a single property owner, a multiple-property owner, a business professional or corporation, professional property managers give each client and each property individual attention and care.
  • Professional property managers want to make your real estate investment a pleasure rather than a burden. We are here to satisfy your property management needs.
  • A part-time manager cannot be focused on providing the best possible management services. Paying a non-licensed manager is against the law.
  • Management Masters, Inc. is a full-time, licensed professional property management firm. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to property owners.

More Information

Management Masters, Inc. service area includes Scottsdale, north and northeast Phoenix, Tempe, and Chandler (north of Chandler Blvd.). For other areas of the Valley, we suggest you contact members of the local chapter of our professional association, The National Association of Residential Property Managers, at

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